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The Right Plan

Many companies in the communications industry are implementing or planning to implement state-of-the-art operating telephone, broadband, and IP networks. Byers can help meet these requirements through our Operations Planning Process. Our Planning Process involves two phases which include the Business Operations Plan – Phase I, and the fully integrated Enterprise Resource Management (ERMS) Plan – Phase II. The ERMS Plan will help communications companies optimize and effectively utilize their technologically advanced networks. These two planning modules comprise the Byers Company Integrated Operations Plan (CIOP). The CIOP contains the following components:

The CIOP is the roadmap that will provide the strategic direction for you to plan, design, engineer, construct, test, deliver, and implement new and innovative networks and systems which conform to your specifications and will help you most effectively to:

Byers’ proposed planning solution will help you achieve all of the above goals through an incremental implementation plan.  This can be achieved according to a mutually agreed upon timeline which will minimize the impact on your operations while simultaneously completing the full implementation on schedule and within your approved operating budget.

Benefits of Selecting the Byers Team for Your Planning Solution

Our team’s broad experience in planning, engineering, telecommunications operations, IT support, and telecom systems integration qualifies us as a logical choice for performing this work.  Our company’s combined resources, as well as our ability to attract and retain skilled, motivated telecommunications and IT professionals, ensure that we can complete your planning project on time and meeting our high standard of quality.

Byers’ experience encompasses a wide range of business needs related to planning and implementing your state-of-the-art network, including all of the following functions:

Because our business analysts and consultants are seasoned professionals with many years of experience in engineering telecom facilities, we require very little involvement and support from your management team or technical staff to complete and execute the Company Integrated Operations Plan. Also, the planning process will have minimal impact on your day-to-day business operations.

The Byers CIOP Program will provide to your company a fully integrated long-range plan for designing engineering and maintaining your network as well as managing its most valuable resources -- its people and its facilities. By meeting this very important challenge, you will be able to exceed your customers’ expectations, protect and increase revenues, and at the same time reduce operational costs.

A Win-Win Partnership

Byers Engineering Company has many years of experience with projects requiring interdependent business partnerships and relationships. We offer comprehensive, cost-effective, high-quality, value-added services and solutions to very complex processes. Our focused approach emphasizes service, cost reduction, technology, quality and a streamlined administrative process.

Our commitment and dedication to satisfying our clients’ requirements are based on supplying a designated Byers Account Manager for customer interface and project coordination, along with subject-matter experts from each telecom business area to provide detailed input into the overall CIOP Program.  These extensive people resources from our company and team members will help us do the best job of successfully completing and implementing your plan and providing ongoing engineering services and solutions.

At Byers, we are optimally positioned to be the one-stop full-service provider for your Operations Planning Project.  We have the requisite understanding of both the industry and the specific requirements for your project.  We provide proven engineering and planning capabilities and management resources and methodologies, and team members who are easy to work with and easily accessible.  We bring to this effort large-company reliability with small-company flexibility.

Our Byers team desires to earn your business, not only because we believe it represents a good business opportunity, but also because we believe successful completion of your project will further enhance our collective experiences and capabilities.  If we win your business, we win in many other important ways, too, by gaining additional capabilities, credibility and industry knowledge.  We are also confident that our expertise, dedication, experience, flexibility, and our proven track record will produce winning results for your company -- a true WIN-WIN Partnership.

Below is a diagram which depicts the entire Byers Operations and Systems Planning Process. (Click diagram to enlarge.)