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Our SpatialAge® family of products and services provides comprehensive solutions for the challenges facing the communications, utilities and government industries. We take a user-centered approach to our planning, engineering and infrastructure management solutions, resulting in easy-to-use products and services that reduce costs and maximize productivity.

The Byers SpatialAge® software solutions are organized into three distinct product lines based on industry and market needs. The NexusWorx™ for fiber management solution is targeted towards the telecommunications and Intelligent Transportation System markets.   Our EWOWorx™ line for Telco is a planning, design, and infrastructure management system specifically designed for the telecommunications market. SpatialWorx™ is a GIS-based field data collection and management system designed to meet the needs of the Government, Telco, Construction, and Utilities markets.

We provide our solutions as stand-alone applications on your server in your operating environment, or you can subscribe to our hosted solution. Subscribing to the Byers Hosted Application Server will give you all the functionality of our stand-alone software without the need to purchase software licenses or hardware or to perform system administration.

Whatever your planning, engineering, infrastructure management or GIS needs, the Byers SpatialAge® suite of software solutions can help your company accomplish your goals more efficiently and cost-effectively.


SpatialWorx™ Solution

SpatialWorx™ is a powerful, versatile, and affordable field data collection and management application that extends the reach of your enterprise. Designed to run on any Android, iOS, or Windows platform it allows you to connect to or import data from virtually any source and take that data to the field where users can update it or add new features. Use it for asset inventories and inspections, field note capture, locates, or almost anything else.

Primary industries for SpatialWorx include Telcom, Construction, Goverment, and Utilities.

Click the link below to find out more about the SpatialWorx™ solution for Field Data Management.


The SpatialWorx™ Functionality includes:

Multiple Data Sources/Formats
Data Adapters allow real-time connections to external databases, WMS/WFS, and ArcGIS services. Import data from CSV, Google Sheets, KML, and SHP files.

Web Console for Setup
Use the web-based console to add source data, define map/data layers, build forms, create projects, and manage users.

Work Connected or Disconnected
The field app works with the sync service to ensure you can continue working even while disconnected. 2-way sync keeps all field users current with the latest project updates from the server.

Field App Tools

  • Pan and zoom map and select basemaps
  • Find features by attributes, area, or polygon
  • Display and hide layers
  • Add, move, edit, delete features
  • Add photos, videos, and sketches to a feature
  • Measure distance and polygon area
  • Bookmark views
  • Auto and on demand Syncing


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    NexusWorx™ Solution

    NexusWorx™ is a full featured, GIS-based, fiber and facility management system for all your fiber network assets including communication equipment and intelligent transportation devces. It models physical and logical connectivity from strand to strand, strand to port, or port to port for any network configuration, including FTTH. 

    Click the link below to find out more about the NexusWorx™ solution for Fiber Management.


    The NexusWorx™ Functionality includes:

    Fiber Strand Management & Reports
    Includes individual fiber status and fiber cable summary, dB loss, and A to Z connectivity.

    Document Management
    Provides functionality for users to attach files of any type and quantity to any feature in the network, including fiber paths.

    Optical Circuit Management
    Allows the user to manage both transport and derived optical circuits (DWDM) at a high-level.

    Outage Locate
    Provides the ability to pinpoint the geographic location of an outage based on OTDR test results.

    Loss Management
    Stores loss data for both span and splice at various wavelengths.

    Diversity Check
    Identifies sections in the network where two physical paths share the same fiber sheath or exist within the same geographic corridor.

    Fiber Trace
    Traces a fiber path from beginning to end and produces a Span Detail Report containing all path entities such as total splices, strand and cumulative length, loss details, and devices.

    Logical Distance Measure
    Allows the user to choose two arbitrary points on the map and see all paths connected between them.

    Equipment Location & Device Management
    Provides the ability to manage fiber and communications equipment to location features.

    FTTx Management
    Includes full support for FTTx including PON Splitter, OLT and PONS, ONT, Splitter Hubs and Bays, and Fiber Terminals.

    ITS-Traffic Support
    Supports the documentation of ITS specific facilities. For each ITS-Traffic remote sensor or device, this functionality identifies the feeding fiber path or electrical circuit.


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    Byers EWO™ Solution

    Byers EWO™ is an extension of the Byers core Engineering Work Order system, incorporating all of its robust features and functionality.  The functionality has been extended to include RUS code generation, landbase management, productive point and linear feature placement, as well as subscriber and service assignments. 

    Click the link below to schedule a demonstration and free product evaluation of our EWOWorx™ solution for Telecommunications.


    The Byers EWO™ Functionality includes:

    Packaged for RUS
    Specifically configured for RUS-independent telecommunications companies. The system ensures that facilities are captured based on the latest RUS codes. The facility interfaces allow the users to select the facility characteristics from which the RUS code is programmatically derived.

    Intelligent Landbase
    Incorporates the capability for users to place intelligent landbase features such as streets, railroads, governmental boundaries and water. The intelligent street features include address ranges used to locate customer service locations from the landbase. This enhancement enables users to easily locate a map, street, or address.

    Subscribers and Assignments
    Users can place service locations, create subscribers and then assign services to subscribers. The services are assigned to cable/pair by service class (1FR, 1FB, DSL, ADSL, etc.).

    Productive Linear Placement
    Includes advanced automated linear placement utilizing existing linear features such as street centerline and expanded right-of-way.  The user can also select beginning and ending termination symbols for automatic placement of point features.

    Facility Utilization
    Integrated assignment capabilities allow the users to quickly determine the cross-section utilization capacity for facilities such as a cable or terminal. The cross-section summary provides accumulated totals by service class and percent utilized.


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    Byers Map Viewer™

    Map Viewer™ provides unmatched out-of-the-box functionality for viewing and creating network inventory models and provides a robust library of tools for the viewing, creation, query, and analysis of intelligent features and networks. Click the link below to schedule a demonstration and free product evaluation of our Byers Map Viewer™ solution.


    The Byers Map Viewer™ Includes:

    • View
    • Print
    • Raster
    • Redline
    • Scripting
    • Intelligent Locate
    • Map Products
    • Attribute Review
    • Seamless Display
    • GPS Interface
    • Spatial Query
    • Network Trace
    • Feature Placement
    • Forms
    • Map Modeler
    • Import Geospatial Data
    • Route Builder
    • Business Objects

    Make Your Information Count

    Byers Map Viewer™ provides the functionality to support engineering, planning, field capture and spatial analysis applications.  What’s more, it can integrate corporate, accounting, and customer-service data with engineering data so that you can extend the power of your information across the enterprise

    Practical Software Designed for Positive Results

    Byers Map Viewer™ includes a GPS interface that allows for easy field data collection, and provides CAD and GIS capabilities.  Other key features are:
    • Intelligent feature placement, that allows placement of text, graphics, and attributes of engineering features
    • Improved printing capabilities for work prints
    • The ability to import geocoded data
    • Industry-specific templates for quick deployment
    • User-centric design to fit your company’s workflow



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