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Byers Engineering Company offers expert consulting services in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to the communications, electric, and government industries.  We have experience working on various GIS platforms such as ESRI® and Intergraph® as well as our own SpatialAge Suite of GIS Tools.  We provide solutions for our clients’ business problems by implementing cost-effective and efficient GIS services that support their business processes.

Business Needs Analysis

Our GIS Business Analysts thoroughly evaluate our clients’ needs for designing and implementing a GIS program. They perform comprehensive assessments of software, hardware, data, staffing, and management requirements from both an enterprise and a departmental perspective. This information provides the basis for creating the value proposition associated with implementing a particular GIS solution which addresses our client’s administrative, financial, and operational needs.

Our process begins with an onsite preliminary Business Process Analysis (BPA) that incorporates detailed discussions with all stakeholders. Once the BPA is validated with follow-up interviews and meetings as may be required, it is submitted for review. Upon acceptance, the final BPA is delivered orally and in writing to the GIS Stakeholder Group.

When Byers completes a Business Needs Analysis for your organization, you will know precisely how an enterprise GIS solution will help your organization make more effective decisions. We will also provide a phased Implementation Plan detailing all milestone deliverables with fixed pricing for each phased delivery. This will minimize your risk and ensure that your project is delivered on time and within budget.

GIS Training

The success of any GIS implementation depends to a large degree on the people who use and manage the system. Our client’s staff must understand how to maintain accurate and up to date data, and end users must be capable of using desktop, web-based, and mobile GIS applications, depending on their particular job function. We meet this client need at Byers by providing on-site, customized GIS training to end users and GIS administrators.

Byers utilizes GIS Instructors with extensive hands-on experience using ArcGIS®, MapInfo®, GeoMedia®, and SpatialAge® products. Our instructors design training workshops focused on improving the skills of users at all levels. Our consultants have trained hundreds of GIS users within the communications, utility and government industries. We provide GIS training on request. Call for pricing and schedules for the following courses:


GIS Database Design & Development

Efficient storage of GIS data requires the implementation of well-designed data models. At Byers we offer client organizations comprehensive database design and development services. These services include initial database design, conceptual data modeling, physical data modeling, and database implementation.

Our database designs are developed by senior GIS consultants with extensive experience designing databases for the government, communications, electric, and utility industries. The Byers designers have helped many large enterprises leverage the capabilities of spatial database technologies.

The Byers goal for designing clients’ geospatial databases is to develop data models that will be easy for your GIS specialists to manage over the long run. Our databases provide reliable and expandable secure solutions for the management of your GIS data storage requirements.

GIS Application Development

Many GIS Enterprise solutions require customized applications to maintain accurate, up-to-date data and to perform department-specific spatial modeling and analysis. To address this issue, Byers offers our clients design and development services for customized GIS applications utilizing platforms such as ESRI®® or our own SpatialAge® GIS Toolkit.

Our consultants use industry-standard programming languages and database technologies to develop customized GIS software applications for our clients. The Byers development process begins with a Business Needs Analysis that yields detailed system requirements and uses an agile development process to ensure that applications meet the users’ needs. Our software engineers use their expertise to implement the database capabilities for scalability, reliability, security, backups, and data integrity.

Our software solutions are developed using industry-standard tools. We develop applications using ArcObjects®, Visual Studio®, JavaScript™, Java™, and other languages. Our applications also rely on the data storage and management capabilities of relational databases such as Oracle®, Microsoft SQL Server®, and Access®. Our applications employ industry-leading statistical analysis and dashboard technologies. The Byers goal for customized application development is to ensure that end users have the tools that lower operational costs and improve overall business efficiency.

System Integration

We provide clients with system integration support when they have separate programs and mission-critical databases in separate configurations and need to provide users with information residing in these different systems. We have the experience and expertise to integrate data contained in multiple systems into geospatial decision support systems for clients using both data integration and system integration.

Our primary role in the implementation of integrated systems is to advise our clients on the various integration frameworks, recommend a particular solution, and implement the selected architecture in the shortest amount of time. We strive to provide our clients with the most cost-effective, reliable, and scalable solution in the industry.

Outsourcing Solutions

We provide our clients with outsourcing support when they need to augment their staff in order to get their project tasks completed on time. We can provide permanent or temporary staffing to your organization to help you meet your staffing needs. Your organization can arrange to have an experienced GIS analyst on site for one day or several months, depending on your business needs.

Our analysts provide such services as data analysis, map production, and data maintenance. They can perform the same tasks every week or work on a variety of projects and tasks assigned by your staff. The Byers GIS analysts have expertise in the use of ArcGIS®, GeoMedia®, SQL Server®, Oracle Spatial®, Access®, and other GIS-enabling technologies.

Enterprise GIS Implementation

The primary goal of Byers for the implementation of your Enterprise GIS Solution is to provide the most cost-effective solution, on time, which will exceed your expectations. We achieve this goal by assigning to your project data conversion specialists who will ensure the on-time delivery of high-quality, accurate data. Our consultants make sure that all customized applications perform as described in our specifications documents. From start to finish, all of our projects are consultative in nature. Our solutions will enable your users to access business information and solve problems on their own. These enterprise GIS solutions need to make information available so that every staff member has access to complete and accurate data. We help our clients achieve this goal during the Business Needs Analysis phase of an implementation project by looking for ways that staff and other stakeholders can easily and quickly use your GIS resources and services.

We will keep you well-informed about the status of your project at all times. Our Project Managers will proactively resolve issues before they become problems. Our processes, methodology, and commitment to superior customer service will ensure a successful implementation of your GIS Solution.

Systems Design

At Byers, we provide advice to our clients in procuring and configuring computer systems for GIS implementation projects. Our major goal is to assist our clients in purchasing and deploying technologies that save them time and money. The Byers consultants provide expert advice on GIS and database software manufactured by leading companies. This ensures that our clients purchase and deploy software and hardware components that are reliable, expandable, and energy-efficient.

Project Management

The success of any GIS project depends heavily on the project manager’s ability to control costs and provide high-quality services and products on schedule. For more than 35 years, Byers Engineering Company has been successfully managing GIS projects varying in size from just a few users to very large enterprise-wide deployments with thousands of users.

Our project leaders use the principles of the Project Management Institute (PMI) as described in the Project Management Book of Knowledge and industry standards for the design and development of software applications, information security, and other technical products. The Byers project managers track all project deliverables, expenses, resources, and schedules using such tools as Microsoft Project® as well as the Byers Project Management Standard Methodology.

The success of our projects is ensured through the creation and execution of project plans which document the activities and tasks associated with each project from the time of project inception to closure. Our project managers know exactly what tasks are being worked on and the status of every project deliverable at any and all times.

The Byers project manager will be your single point of contact for project information and contractual issues. You will always be well-informed about the project as we complete each and every task on time and within budget.

GIS Technical Support

The Byers Implementation Team provides cost-effective technical support that includes application installation, configuration, and tuning. Our consultants will pre-configure and test your solution on our testing platform, which emulates your production environment. Upon completion of testing and final acceptance, we will install the hardware and software on-site in your secure environment.

After the implementation of your GIS solution, your calls will be answered quickly by a GIS analyst or consultant with knowledge of your GIS infrastructure. Our goal is to always provide a high level of customer support that will exceed your expectations.

Contact us for more information about our GIS consulting services.