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Byers EWO™ Solution

The Byers EWO™ Solution is an extension of the Byers core Engineering Work Order system, incorporating all of its robust features and functionality.  The functionality has been extended to include RUS code generation, landbase management, productive point and linear feature placement, as well as subscriber and service assignments. 

Byers leverages its extensive telecommunications knowledge to develop software products that meet your business needs in a practical way.  These products are easy to learn and easy to use.  Take your Telco Engineering and Facility Management System to the next level.  Click the link below to schedule a demonstration and free product evaluation of our EWOWorx™ solution for Telecommunications.


The Byers EWO™ Functionality includes:

Packaged for RUS
The EWOWorx™ Telco package is specifically configured for RUS-independent telecommunications companies. The system ensures that facilities are captured based on the latest RUS codes. The facility interfaces allow the users to select the facility characteristics from which the RUS code is programmatically derived.

Intelligent Landbase
The EWOWorx™ solution incorporates the capability for users to place intelligent landbase features such as streets, railroads, governmental boundaries and water. The intelligent street features include address ranges used to locate customer service locations from the landbase. This enhancement enables users to easily locate a map, street, or address.

Subscribers and Assignments
In EWOWorx™ for Telco, users can place service locations, create subscribers and then assign services to subscribers. The services are assigned to cable/pair by service class (1FR, 1FB, DSL, ADSL, etc.).

Productive Linear Placement
Byers’ EWOWorx™ for Telco incorporates advanced automated linear placement utilizing existing linear features such as street centerline and expanded right-of-way.  The user can also select beginning and ending termination symbols for automatic placement of point features.

Facility Utilization
The integration of assignment capabilities allows the users to quickly determine the cross-section utilization capacity for facilities such as a cable or terminal. The cross-section summary provides accumulated totals by service class and percent utilized.


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Byers Map Viewer™

Byers Map Viewer™ was designed with the busy corporate user in mind. It provides unmatched out-of-the-box functionality for viewing and creating network inventory models. Using industry-standard Visual Basic® development tools, it provides a robust library of tools for the viewing, creation, query, and analysis of intelligent features and networks. Click the link below to schedule a demonstration and free product evaluation of our Byers Map Viewer™ solution.


The Byers Map Viewer™ Includes:

  • View
  • Print
  • Raster
  • Redline
  • Scripting
  • Intelligent Locate
  • Map Products
  • Attribute Review
  • Seamless Display
  • GPS Interface
  • Spatial Query
  • Network Trace
  • Feature Placement
  • Forms
  • Map Modeler
  • Import Geospatial Data
  • Route Builder
  • Business Objects

The Innovation Continues

With Byers Map Viewer™, you have an expert system readily available and easily tailored to your unique needs.  We have incorporated decades of data conversion and engineering experience into Byers Map Viewer™, developing more features and functions that help solve your particular industry problems.

Make Your Information Count

Byers Map Viewer™ allows you to implement spatially enabled applications more quickly, and allows you to incrementally build a true geospatial database without performing wholesale data conversion.  Once a database has been populated, you can perform network analysis and asset management functions such as loop make-ups, automatic count throws, tax reporting and continuing property records (CPR).

Byers Map Viewer™ provides the functionality to support engineering, planning, field capture and spatial analysis applications in a single package for a single price.  What’s more, Byers Map Viewer™ can integrate corporate, accounting, and customer-service data with engineering data so that you can extend the power of your information across the enterprise

Practical Software Designed for Positive Results

Byers Map Viewer™ is extendable through Visual Basic, includes a GPS interface that allows for easy field data collection, and provides CAD and GIS capabilities.  Other key features are:
  • Intelligent feature placement, that allows placement of text, graphics, and attributes of engineering features
  • Improved printing capabilities for work prints
  • The ability to import geocoded data
  • Industry-specific templates for quick deployment
  • User-centric design to fit your company’s workflow



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